Student Opportunities

Choosing a career is an important decision.

  • Get assistance in that decision by getting advice from Dr. Peter Kissinger (Union ’66) about choosing a career in Chemistry.
  • Senior research projects also give students insight into career possiblilities.
  • The American Chemical Society provides students with advice on how to prepare for successful work in graduate school. It gives advice on how and when to apply for admission, and what to expect once enrolled in graduate school.
  • The ACS also provides an online version of the ACS Directory of Graduate Research which lists numbers and types of graduate degrees granted for each graduate department and lists biographical information about faculty in graduate departments, including their most recent publications. It is searchable and is a great way to find out which labs are doing the type of work you are interested in.
  • The Chemistry Department maintains a web-based list of all the student summer research, summer employment, and permanent employment opportunities of which we become aware. This list is generally updated fully at the beginning of the calendar year (i.e. January). Additions are made throughout the year, so check back frequently.
    • Research at Union College
    • Web Sites that Compile Lists of Opportunities
    • Industrial Employment/Research
    • Lists of Fliers, etc. which have been sent to the Chemistry Department with Links
      • Joint Chemistry & Biochemistry-Biomedicine
      • Chemistry
      • Solid State and Materials Chemistry
      • Biochemistry-Biomedicine
      • Others