ECO 241 Microeconomic Analysis

Eco 241:  Microeconomic Analysis
Prof. Davis


Course Objectives: 

The purpose of this course is to teach students the basics of microeconomic theory.  The course will focus on consumer theory, producer theory, industrial organization, and general equilibrium analysis.  These topics are treated at a general level, generating a flexible theoretical framework that may be used to address a variety of economic issues and topics.  Calculus is used throughout to illustrate the logic of economic model and solve optimization problems.  Microeconomic theory provides the foundations for most fields of economic study, including international trade, industrial organization, public finance, the economics of poverty and inequality, the economics of the household, health economics, and even micro-based macroeconomic models.



The prerequisites are Eco 101 and Math 110 or an equivalent calculus course.  Concurrent enrollment in an appropriate math class is acceptable with the permission of the instructor.