Five English Professors’ Publications Featured in Union News

Jordan Smith, the Edward E. Hale, Jr. Professor of English, has published 11 poems from “Clare’s Empire,” a sequence of poems based on the life and works of John Clare in Numero Cinq.  Click here to read this work.  The full-length sequence will appear in a digital edition from the Hydroelectric Press, edited by Michael Allen Potter ‘94.  For the original news post on Smith, click here.

April Selley, senior lecturer in English, presented a paper, “Ode on a Portrait:  Poe’s Response to Keats,” at “The Return of the Text” Conference in Syracuse, N.Y. on Sept.  27.  Also, her short essay, “Stories of Longing,” was published in the Sept. 6 issue of the online journal “The Citron Review.”

Katherine Lynes, associate professor of English, recently attended a seminar at the Association for Study of Literature and Environment conference at the University of Kansas.  She also presented a paper at the ASLE-UKI conference, at University of Surrey.  Her article “”a responsibility to something besides people”:  African American Reclamation Ecopoetics” is forthcoming in African American Review.

Pattie Wareh, assistant professor of English, presented a paper, “Courtesy, Judgment, and the Audience in The Merchant of Venice,” at a conference sponsored by the American Shakespeare Center.  She also presented a paper, “Reading the Body in Cymbeline,” at the Southeastern Renaissance Conference held at Duke University.  Ruth Stevenson, a retired English professor, also presented a paper at the conference, “The Narrator and the Painting/Tapestry in Shakespeare’s Lucrece.”

For the original news post on Selley, Lynes, Wareh, and Stevenson, click here.