Steinmetz 2014


Steinmetz 2014

Steinmetz 2014

Steinmetz Symposium is always an exciting event. This year was a particular thrill for faculty, students, parents, and friends, with many excellent presentations in Literary Criticism and Creative Writing sessions! Take a look at the line-up below.

English Panel 1: “Friends and Family”
Chair: April Selley

“Fiction Writing, Life Lessons, and Self-Discovery,” Amelia Whalen
“Despicable We: A Memoir about Canceling Easter, Driving a Land Yacht, and Being Irreverent,” Christine Murphy
“A Journey Through James Joyce’s Ulysses Through a Visual Construction of Affect Theory,” Davis Cutter
“Poems on Nature,” Victoria Cullinan

English Honors Thesis I: Rewriting the Classics
Chair: Claire Bracken

“How Euripides Slew My Writer’s Block and Other Stories: an Exploration of Sympathy in Euripides’ Medea,” by Emily Brower
“Nora and Cece,” by Samantha Bertschmann
“The Children of Lir: Retelling an Irish Fairytale,” by Stephanie Delorenzo

English Honors Thesis II: Against the Grain
Chair: Bunkong Tuon

“Back to the Beginning,” by Carla Duval
From Loveable Lucy to Top-of-the-Rock Tina: How women in comedy changed from 1950-2014,” by Caroline Hershey
“Limit(less): A Study of Intersection of Mathematics and Poetry,” by Teresa Crasto