Terms Abroad

Union College offers its students many opportunities to study abroad. English faculty regularly take part in terms abroad to Ireland (Galway) and England (York).


For more information on these and other term abroad opportunities, please visit International Programs.


Important Information about the English Department’s Terms Abroad: 

New Mini-Term in MARTINIQUE FOR ENGLISH SPEAKERS:  December, 2013

A great opportunity to appreciate the Caribbean in a way that goes beyond mere tourism.  Take a literature class in English to learn about the culture, literature, and history of the Caribbean region while you experience Martinique, a beautiful French and Creole-speaking island in the Caribbean Sea.

For whom?:  The Union College Caribbean Literature in Translation Mini-term in Martinique, newly designed for English majors/minors and IDs, potentially Africana and LACS students, and all students across the college who wish to fulfill an HUL and/or LCC requirement. The course will be scheduled for a three-week period.

Applicants’ only prerequisite is one prior 100-level English course.

Program description:  “Caribbean Crossroads in Martinique.” Literature classes and lectures by local professors will be designed for non-French speakers. The term will function in parallel with the UC mini-term in French, with students partaking in shared excursions and cultural events (wherever accessible to English speakers) including a dance workshop, museum visits, picnics, performances, a storytelling evening and more.  Food, lodging (with a host family, in pairs), transport provided.  Students must arrange air transport.  Students receive one credit upon completion of the mini-term.