Welcome to Union College’s German Cultural Studies program. Our program offers a wide range of courses in language, literatures and cultures of German-speaking Europe. By combining exciting and thought-provoking content orientation with the development of sophisticated language abilities, our classes are challenging but conducted in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Students who minor or major in German Cultural Studies are able to integrate their knowledge of the language and the multicultural society into a broad spectrum of careers, including (but not limited to) engineering, the arts, medicine, international business, law, or politics, to name only a few. Since Germany plays an influential role in unified Europe, proficiency in German language and culture are a vital asset for any student who wants to participate fully in the life and the opportunities of the twenty-first century.

As part of the German Cultural Studies, we furthermore offer an enthralling Term Abroad in Freiburg and Berlin each Spring, as well as the opportunity of a year-long study at a selected German university, organized and funded through the Verband der Deutsch-Amerikanischen Clubs e.V. (Federation of German-American Clubs,

You are welcome to contact any of us in the German Cultural Studies section if you would like more information about our program!