Requirements for the Major

Requirements Checklist for Psychology Major

Requirements Checklist for Psychology Major
12 courses total needed for major

Required Courses:
 PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology  PSY 200 Stats  PSY 300 Research Methods

Required Core Area Courses:
1 course from each of the following areas

Physiological Psychology
 PSY 210 Cognitive Neuro Science
 PSY 211 Sensation & Perception
 PSY312 Neurobiology

Cognitive Psychology
 PSY 220 Memory & Thinking
 PSY221 Psych of Learning
 PSY 225 Psych of Language

1 course from 2 of the following 3 areas

 PSY 230 Social Psych
 PSY 240 Developmental Psych
 PSY 250 Abnormal Psych or PSY 251 Personality

400 Level Requirements: (1 seminar and 1 other 400 Level course)
 Seminar
 Any other 400 level course (includes senior thesis, independent studies, internships and additional seminar)

** Honors Seminar does not count toward this requirement. Senior thesis counts as a 400 level course and one additional course.

Additional Electives: One elective may be from a cognate course, a cognate course is a course from a different department– see list on psych dept. website
 Additional Elective #1 (insert course #)
 Additional Elective #2 (insert course#)
 Additional Elective #3 (insert course #) This elective may not be needed if you have taken an additional course above in the required core area section. For example if you took social, abnormal and developmental you do not need this additional elective. Senior Writing Requirement: As part of your general education requirement you must take a psychology course designated WS, this includes thesis, senior project, and most seminars. Note that seminars fulfill this requirement only if taken in the senior year.
 WS completed