Additional Courses

ATH100. Public Speaking. (Not offered 2014-2015). A practical introduction to speechmaking. Through varied and increasingly complex speech assignments, students learn to integrate standard skills in public communication: speech concept and content, the organization and support of ideas, audience analysis and involvement, plus physical presentation techniques including personal style and the mastery of multimedia presentational technology.

ATH366. Acting Styles. (Winter; Culbert). This class is about how an actor can transform poetic and heightened language and make it seem natural. It is designed for the serious student as a continuation of their acting training and to provide a means to understanding classical and highly stylized theatre. The class will be an intensive session covering a varied range of acting styles across the history of theatre. Close analysis of specific theatre texts including Greek Theatre, Shakespeare, French Comedy, and Absurdism, among others. We will be examining both traditional and unconventional approaches to presenting performances. Being prepared, doing work outside of class, seeing other performances, keeping a rehearsal journal, and turning in written critical analysis will be required to complete this class successfully. Prerequisite: ATH342 or permission of the instructor. GenEd: LCC


ATH010. Rehearsal and Production. Students are invited to participate in theatre productions in a variety of capacities, both on-stage and off-stage. To gain transcript recognition for participation in these activities, students must register for the theatre practicum with the registrar during the term in which the practicum is undertaken. During the senior year, students may request up to two full practicum credits towards graduation. Such requests are made to the registrar during the senior year transcript audit (or its equivalent for those who plan to graduate early). Each full theatre practicum credit is accumulated from three previous passing grades (any combination of theatre and dance practicum). No more than two such graduation credits are available, whatever the discipline (music, theatre, or dance). Students are advised to select full practicum credits in whichever area best suits their academic program.