London Mini-term Abroad

(Offered 2015-2016). This is an intensive three-week experience in visiting, viewing and critiquing current theater productions in and around London. This mini-term is generally scheduled to run between the Fall and Winter terms, for three weeks in early December. The course centers around the productions viewed in looking at the artistic process and theatrical event with a consideration of the perspectives of the playwright, director, designers, performers and audience. Students will develop a visceral response to and appreciation of theater in performance. Students will gain an understanding of the nature and function of theater as an art form and a profession through interactive discussions on theater and society.

Students will gain an ability to critically view theater productions through writings and/or discussions that will include research, responses to productions and readings of critical reviews of plays. Special events such as meetings with London theater professionals, back stage tours and guest artist workshops will be scheduled as available. Optional field trips & cultural events in London will be arranged. A mandatory orientation meeting prior to departure for London will cover information regarding travel advice, personal expense budgeting, accommodations, room assignments, dining, travel arrangements in London, contact and emergency information and optional events of the program to sign up for.
Program Details:
Applications are available at the International Programs Office and are due in the Spring term of the year of travel.
Up to 14-18 students may be accepted for this term abroad
Up to 10 performances will be viewed
Students reside in studio apartments, centrally located near the University of London
Daily optional excursions are arranged to view cultural events and sites.