Satisfying Our Hunger In Budap...

Aug 27 by

Budapest, Hungary was one of my favorite places to visit on my study abroad! The food was absolutely incredible and I enjoyed visiting the thermal baths, the Alexander Book Cafe, and visiting a church that was built into a hill! Read about my experiences here! :)

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6 Life Lessons for the Summer ...

Aug 19 by

Being a high school graduate is strange.  So is being a college freshman.  What’s weirder is how to navigate the transition...

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Time Flies

Jun 5 by

Today is the last day of classes and it wraps up my sophomore year at Union. Last year, a week from today, I met one of my good...

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Thank U

Jun 4 by

There are two days of classes left in Spring term, and one class left for me in my undergraduate career. I’ve had a lot of time...

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A Birthday at Union

May 26 by

Birthdays are kind of a big deal. They are bigger this year because Junior year is usually when everyone turns 21. There are three...

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DKEs Volunteer

May 22 by

This past Saturday, as part of their good-well and community service program, the brothers of Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity...

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