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Last week all the guys on my floor got an email from our residential advisor, David, to go Bowling over the weekend. I honestly hadn’t bowled in years and wasn’t too keen on the offer. As I returned to my suite that day I was surprised to find all three of my suite mates psyched to go, moreover, all the other guys on my floor. So hey, why not? – Let’s Bowl!

On Saturday, just as our RA instructed, we all convened outside our residence hall, and in addition of three other friends from different floors we all walked together to the bowling alley which was about 15 minutes from Davidson. Before we knew it, we were lining up behind the counter picking up our bowling shoes, choosing the right bowling ball, and getting ready for game time. We were 15 guys dispersed over three lanes; the first game of 20 bowls lasted about 45-50 minutes.


After the first round, we got an overall feel of who was better off as well as worse off when it came to bowling. David bought us refreshments and whilst drinking our lemonades, some of us started arguing on who was better than the other, and before we knew it serious bets were being made.

Five players-Three Teams-Ten Dollars at stake $$

Let the games begin.


This time the next hour felt like ten minutes. We gasped, screamed, and cheered our teammates as they made strikes. It came down to a close call but my team ended up on the losing end. Regardless of the matter, we all a great saturday afternoon all together, undoubtedly creating a closer bond between all the guys on the floor. The exact morale behind a resident advisor.

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Hey there! My name is Duri Abdurahman Duri, but my friends simply call me Duri Duri. I am from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Two flights and 18 hours later I FINALLY made it to the Union campus. Last year I travel around far east Asia where I spent most of my time in China absorbing different its different cultures, cuisines, and visiting what the country had to offer, as well as picking up some mandarin on the way. I havent declared my major yet, but know that I'm going to become an Economics major; whether Managerial Economics or just Economics I am not yet sure. At Union I take part in fencing practice and just set up the radio show "I Love House Music" which plays every Tuesday from 9PM-10PM. I Love Poker. I am trying to start small tournaments throughout Union throughout the year. If you want to play, HIT ME UP! #Ethiopian #Union College Undergrad#Class of 2016

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