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It’s the last couple of weeks before the end of term and everything is starting to get hectic; everyone has papers to write and finals to to study for. If you’re feeling stressed out, don’t worry you’re not alone – everything on the college campus has switched from party mode to study mode. ¬†Schaffer library is taking reservations for the group study rooms for late night studying.

If you live in Davidson or Webster you were among the lucky ones last week to be part of Davidson’s DE-STRESS event hosted by residential director Jared Zeidman and his RAs. The residential administration hired five professional masseuses to massage and relax everyone who basically showed up. Whilst massages were underway in one of Davidson’s study lounges, a group of RAs held a stress-ball workshop where they helped students make their own stress-balls with simple balloons filled with flour – it got messy!

A group of RAs also made a study playlist to help students focus when studying, and were giving it to those in need.

If you live in Davison and Webster or were lucky enough to be part of this DE-STRESS event, you know nothing could be better before exams as a nice massage to loosen you up for the busy week ahead.

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Hey there! My name is Duri Abdurahman Duri, but my friends simply call me Duri Duri. I am from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Two flights and 18 hours later I FINALLY made it to the Union campus. Last year I travel around far east Asia where I spent most of my time in China absorbing different its different cultures, cuisines, and visiting what the country had to offer, as well as picking up some mandarin on the way. I havent declared my major yet, but know that I'm going to become an Economics major; whether Managerial Economics or just Economics I am not yet sure. At Union I take part in fencing practice and just set up the radio show "I Love House Music" which plays every Tuesday from 9PM-10PM. I Love Poker. I am trying to start small tournaments throughout Union throughout the year. If you want to play, HIT ME UP! #Ethiopian #Union College Undergrad#Class of 2016

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