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There are so many things I am loving about living in the Culinary Theme House on campus right now.

When I first transferred to Union, I lived in College Park Hall. I really liked having my own bathroom and access to a gym without having to leave the building, but the closed-door, hotel feel could get pretty lonely sometimes. During the winter of my Sophomore year I stumbled across the Theme House Fair one afternoon in Reamer Campus Center and was first introduced to the wonderful world of Culinary.

The kids who lived there at the time were awesome — all super involved and 110% head-over-heels for Union. I was hooked. I applied to live in the house with my best friend (we brought our own sprinkles to a cookie-making open house event… overkill??) and we were both accepted to live there during the 2012-2013 school year.

That first year living in Culinary I made so many friends through the house — people who lived there as well as the plethora of awesome people who seemed to stop by every single day. We threw incredible parties, worked our booties off academically, and (of course) cooked up a storm.

Going into my Senior year, it was an easy choice for me to decide to continue to live in Culinary instead of some off-campus option. My heart is there and Culinary was my first real sense of home and family at Union. This year we have an equally-incredible group of people as last year: one senior, four juniors, and three sophomores. Four boys and four girls. Two econ majors, two math majors, an engineer, a psych major, a bio major, and a geo major. Three Greeks and five independents. Two bloggers and four entrepreneurs. THREE twins (I know! And all of our counterparts go to other schools!). Three track members, a yogi, three and a half skiers, and a curling-hopeful. A musician, a foodie, a pilot, a track star, a cancer survivor, a future Greek president, a sweetheart, and me.

There is never a dull moment at Culinary. Something is always cooking and someone is always laughing. We bond when we find out that our foundation pillars have rotted away or when our backyard neighbor is seen burning something on his deck. We have countless “honorary members” of Culinary and there always seems to be at least one study session or one Sochi session going on at any giving moment.

adore Culinary House and I couldn’t be any happier living there right now :)

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My name is Catherine Elizabeth Ziac (Cat, for short) and I am a senior at Union College in Schenectady, NY. When I'm not studying for my major in economics or my minor in Russian, you can find me skimming through catalogs, playing the flute, fishing, online window shopping, chatting with my sisters (my twin, Julia, studying physics at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, CA, or my little sister Maddy, currently a senior in high school), or out and about in good old Schenectady with my wonderful Union friends! I love pink nails, long showers, office supplies, and going to the public library. I spend too much time looking at blogs and skimming the WSJ online, but I still believe in the merits of a hand-written letter. I am always in the mood for yogurt and granola and am never without a piece of gum. I usually answer "blue" when asked my favorite color, but I know in my heart that it's always been and always will be garnet!

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