dear graduating seniors,

Jun 9 by

If life were a book, Union would be my favorite chapter. In the beginning, we – the protagonists – set out from our hometowns. For some of us that may have been three miles away in Niskayuna, for others that may have been three thousand miles away in California. Still others set out from the cool mountains of Tajikistan or the beautiful coasts of Canada. The biggest challenge in those first few pages was making friends in a new place.  I, personally, felt like I could hardly handle it. Would people “get” me? How would I fare without the help of my identical twin sister? Could I ever find a group as awesome as my childhood crew? I think for all of us here at Union the answer to those questions has been a...

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in the next week…

Jun 6 by

By this point you probably have come to realize that I am quite the planner and live religiously by my schedule (see here and here), but this next week will probably be my craziest of college yet. Why? Not only do I have to hand in all of my final assignments for my classes (details below), but I have a twin sister who just happens to also go to a school on the trimester schedule which just happens to be 3,000 miles away in Southern California. Oh, and throw in there that the two of us will be turning 22 next week and that the whole family has to fly back to the east coast for my graduation by Sunday morning. No big deal, right? Here’s how it will all (hopefully) pan-out: Monday 6/9...

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reUnion weekend

Jun 2 by

  ReUnion Weekend is always the best at Union. Sure we have Homecoming (see here) and Springfest (see here) and those two weekends are often touted as the best at Union, but something about ReUnion Weekend is extra magical in my book. Maybe it’s because the campus is flooded with so many awesome alumni, maybe it’s because it’s finally truly spring, or maybe it’s because summer lurks so close in the future, but something about this weekend makes it simply the best. Something that really struck me this year about the weekend was that it was my final ReUnion Weekend as an undergraduate. Next year I will be attending these events as a guest — as an alumna! I really can’t even process that right now. That being said, it was refreshing to speak with so...

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block party

May 30 by

Last weekend Culinary House and I participated in the Annual Theme House Block Party at Ozone House. The event was super successful (the weather was sooo nice) and we contributed some homemade bubble tea to the vegetarian and all-organic meal. Bubble tea is the best (read more about it here and here) and the students at the party really seemed to appreciate the unique drink. I jumped at the opportunity to explore  Ozone House (I had actually never been inside before!) and was very impressed. The house is absolutely massive and it was neat to see how in tune the students there are with sustainable living. These are definitely the kind of students on campus who graduate and join the Peace Corps or travel to some small village in Africa to start a school. Big dreamers...

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May 26 by

A lot of you are probably headed off to summer internships in the next few weeks, if not earlier. You might think the most difficult part is over (you got the position!), but the most difficult part is just beginning. Securing any type of internship requires a lot of that one dreaded word — networking. But what people often forget is that a ton of networking occurs during and after a summer internship. I’ve written about interview tips before (see here and here), but I thought that this recent article by Rue Magazine put the process perfectly. I think their best tip was to “Think of it as a relationship, not a transaction.” I think too many of my peers look at networking as a “what-can-this-person-do-for-me?” kind of thing. While it is true that...

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flashing lights

May 23 by

On Wednesday I had one of the most unique experiences of my college career: I was the subject of a 5+ hour photo shoot for the school. Recently our wonderful Admission Department came into some money to be put towards a new marketing campaign for the school. Working with the Communications Department, they hired a group all the way from New Orleans to come up with the look, the feel, and the mission of this new spin on Union. I can’t give all the details away, but I can honestly say that I think the campaign is really unique and is going to be wonderful for Union’s image in the years to come. Let’s be honest: Union rocks and Union rocks because of its people and this campaign, which really focuses on Union’s people,...

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taking full advantage

May 19 by

Its frighteningly easy to not take full advantage of the spring term at Union. Yes, everyone heralds the term as the best one of the year (truth), but we still have classes and obligations and sometimes you can find yourself bogged down and miserable or (*gasp!*) indoors during this most wonderful time of the year. So how do you take full advantage of this magical moment? Follow along: 1. Stopping checking emails on your phone during your walk home (guilty!) and start looking up. Literally every corner of our campus is gorgeous and needs to be appreciated in that “didn’t-I-see-this-in-a-movie-once?” kind of way. 2. Take a stroll through Jackson’s Gardens. I think the gardens are underrated because they sort of hide off to one side of the campus, but that’s what makes them so magical! Sitting on...

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prize day

May 16 by

Last Saturday was Union’s annual Prize Day ceremony. The ceremony is meant to recognize the top seniors (and some juniors and sophomores!) for their academic excellence and contributions to the school and to the community. The event is really fun because the winners are not announced until the very moment they have to walk up to receive their award! I was fortunate enough to be the recipient of three awards during the ceremony: the Andrew W. Archibald award “To the senior earning a Bachelor of Arts degree with the highest scholastic standing,” the John Iwanik Prize “to an outstanding Russian language student” (and two of my other Russian language friends won with me!), and the Horatio G. Warner award “to a student of high personal character who has the highest scholastic standing in the...

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look what some of our graduates will be doing!...

May 14 by

Spring is just such a great time of year to be at Union. Not only is the weather perfect and the campus is even more beautiful than before (as if that was even possible!), but this time of year is filled with celebration: academic celebrations, social celebrations, past celebrations, and future celebrations! The Economics Department recently published its annual list of what some of its soon-to-be-graduates will be doing after school. I am proud to say that yours truly is on the list, but also check out all of my impressive peers! I don’t want to boast, but we’re killing...

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