Nott Makes Headlines Again

Feb 20 by

Since the boom of smart phones, I bet every Union student has taken at least one Nott shot during their Union career. A few months...

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Old Winter’s Song

Feb 19 by

I hear a lot of people here complaining about the weather, which is absolutely fair. It certainly has been cold and windy, and the...

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Feb 18 by

In Eastern Orthodox religions, this week is called maslenitsa. This is the week before lent and in some religions it means no dairy...

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All Night Party

Feb 16 by

Reamer hosted its “all night party” this past weekend. Contrary to what the name of the event might lead you to believe,...

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Upper Valentine’s Dinner

Feb 15 by

Each year around Valentine’s day there is a raffle in Upperclass Dining Hall. You enter when you walk in for a romantic...

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Union Remembers Chapel Hill Vi...

Feb 13 by

On Tuesday night three Muslim students, Deah Barakat, 23, Yusor Abu-Salha, 21, and Razan Abu-Salha, 19, were shot death in Chapel...

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Reading Outside of Class

Feb 12 by

This term I’m trying to take the time to read books for pleasure in addition to reading for class. My uncle gifted to me Haruki...

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Ushi Bar

Feb 10 by

Something that I think is pretty unique to Union is the Sushi bar in Reamer Campus Center. Whenever my friends visit they spend way...

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Pierogi Fest

Feb 7 by

Russian and East European Culture club holds a pierogi fest each term. It is generally considered our most popular event, and each...

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