What’s Happening at U?

Apr 17 by

A quick insight to what the week ahead looks like at Union. This is just few of many events that will take place next week. The week...

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Semi-Competitive Softball

Apr 17 by

During my first year of college, I was invited to an intramural softball game by a friend of mine who was a senior. The game had such...

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82 and sunny

Apr 14 by

Spring has finally arrived. There have been days here and there in the last few weeks that were warm teases, but this week has begun...

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Spring Awakening

Apr 12 by

Last week was the showing of the Mountebanks production of Spring Awakening. I went on Friday night and haven’t stopped...

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U Welcomes Spring

Apr 10 by

The warmer weather is upon us here at Schenectady. The winter, yeah that cold and sometimes brutal acquaintance of  us, has packed...

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Spring Break

Apr 7 by

My freshman and sophomore year I didn’t really do much for spring break. Freshman year I visited friends at other schools and...

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U Connects

Apr 3 by

As part of the the Presidential Forum on Diversity series, Rob King was on campus this Thursday. King who is the senior vice...

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Mar 14 by

When you ask for directions to anywhere in Maine, chances are whoever you’re asking will tell you “You can’t get...

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New Additions

Mar 13 by

Just as my declining is running out (down to 28 cents), the bookstore has added some new stuff. I think a huge chunk of my declining...

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