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Union College Environmental Health and Safety

The responsibility of the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) office develops, implements and oversees all phases of environmental health and life safety issues that directly impact work, study and living conditions at  the College. It is our ultimate goal to establish and maintain a work and academic environment free from all safety hazards through a proactive approach to life safe. Union’s accomplished Environmental Health & Safety staff, stands as a vital resource to all students, faculty, staff and administrators addressing modern environmental issues of today.



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Union College Health, Safety, and Loss Control Practice Statement-3/9/11


  1. Comprehensive Health, Safety and Loss Control Program


Union College strives to provide a reasonably safe and healthful environment for its faculty, staff, students, and visitors. To achieve this objective, our comprehensive health, safety, and loss control program includes formation of a safety committee, assigning safety responsibilities, defining proper safety policies and procedures, providing safety training, providing safety inspections, and stating specific employee incident reporting requirements including the need for employees to report all injury incidents immediately and for all employee injury incidents to be investigated within 24 hours. Specific components of the safety and loss control program include: accident prevention and risk mitigation, fire protection, and health preservation. As a part of the program, Union College will provide safe working equipment, necessary and required personal protection devices, and an emergency response plan.


  1. Employee, Supervisor and Departmental Responsibility


Health and safety is the responsibility of all Union College faculty and staff with administrative responsibility assigned to the Environmental Health and Safety Department.   Each employee and supervisor is responsible for their own and their department’s safety.


Safe work behaviors and attitudes are an expected part of every employee’s job performance.


  • Employees are expected to follow all safety work rules and procedures and to cooperate with and support loss control program activities and objectives.
  • Employees are expected to report unsafe conditions and to ask for instruction from a supervisor if they are unsure how to conduct a specific task safely.
  • Supervisors are expected to monitor and assist employees in the safe performance of their duties.
  • Employees are expected to work with and support the Environmental Health and Safety Department to reduce losses and provide for the safety of Union College faculty, staff, students, and visitors.


III.        Environmental Health and Safety Department (EHS)


It is the responsibility of EHS to implement all college environmental health and safety policies and procedures and for maintaining a comprehensive environmental health and safety program that will reasonably ensure the health and safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors in college-sanctioned activities. Through its regulatory compliance efforts, EHS combines consultation, inspection, training, and control related to biological, chemical, occupational, laser, and radiation safety. EHS is equipped to measure, evaluate, and respond to hazards and to make individuals aware of potential hazards and related safety precautions.


The EHS staff has the authority to immediately suspend or restrict any operation that presents a serious hazard (real or potential) associated with the health, life, safety, or welfare of students, faculty, staff, or visitors, or is found to be in violation of acceptable standards. In the event that EHS orders cessation of an activity, the problem will be immediately communicated to appropriate parties. If appropriate, EHS will also contact a regulatory agency. EHS will notify the appropriate parties when a halted activity may be resumed. Loss control efforts are continuous and should be considered equal in importance with all other operational responsibilities.



  1. Environmental Health and Safety Committee


The Environmental Health and Safety Committee has diverse representation from many college departments including: Dining Services, Facilities Services, Campus Safety, Human Resources, and Athletics. The committee is led by Union’s designated Employee Safety Coordinator and is responsible for:


  1. Monitoring the effectiveness of the College’s health, safety, and loss control program.
  2. Reviewing potentially dangerous or actual reported accidents and determining if mitigation of risk has been achieved.
  3. Reviewing of accident claim history
  4. Identifying training and development needs.


The committee meets at least quarterly to fulfill its responsibilities.


By maintaining an effective health, safety and loss control program, Union College can provide a reasonably safe environment while protecting its limited resources from loss.



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Safety Suggestion Box

You can also call (518) 388-8347 or email ehs@union.edu with any suggestions you have.


Where is the EHS Office?

The EHS office is located on the third floor of Silliman Hall on the Union College Campus.