Monitoring System

The Monitoring System truly the core of the project, relying on the input observed from the hardware placed on the individual occupancy monitors. The hardware will be comprised of Arduino Uno R3 micro controllers equipped with Bluetooth or WI-Fi shields for communication. Attached to these micro controllers is a motion sensor that determines if the equipment is occupied. This part of the system is broken down into these individual monitors, which separately sends an occupancy detection signal back to the server with at least 90% accuracy. The monitors are encoded with a wireless connection to the server and given the ability to read input from the connected motion sensor. Each monitor will be placed in a plastic encasing to protect it from accidental contact, and will be fastened to the equipment using Velcro to allow for easy removal.


The application subsystem will be the interface of the entire system. It will display on a web browser the information about what gym equipment is currently occupied at that given moment, with the ability to be accessed remotely anywhere by the users. Anytime the link is activated in a web browser, the application will retrieve information about the equipment that is currently occupied from the server. The server will be continually updated by the occupancy monitors, which will then store the data for the application to access. The application will use HTML scripts along with a CSS stylesheet for styling of the web page. PHP elements will need to be used in order to query the server and retrieve the desired information about equipment’s occupancy status.