About Me

Hi! My name is Kelley White and I am an electrical engineering major and economics minor here at Union College. Welcome to my senior project website!

My senior project is an in and out line monitoring system for volleyball. I play volleyball here at Union College and line judges have continuously made questionable call after questionable call throughout my time as a player. Trained line judge or not, there can always be a bad call due to speed of the ball, lack of focus and inaccuracy of the eye. A bad call can change the momentum of the game or even the outcome. There needs to be a way to aid line judges on the calls that are too close to tell in order to ensure a fair game.

With all sports gaining more and more technology, I have questioned why volleyball hasn’t implemented something as well. The in and out line monitoring system for volleyball will improve the game of volleyball for the future.

-Kelley White

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I would like to thank my adviser, Taskashi Buma, for all of his great advice and guidance during this project. I also would like to thank Gene Davison, the SRG funding committee, Coach DeRan, Coach Katalina, Coach Brown, Ben Wilkinson, the Union College Volleyball team, and the faculty and students of the Electrical and Computer Engineering program at Union College.

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