Software Feature 1: Output Waveform Definition

On my list of the six major subsections of the impulse response software module. Here I will address some specifics about how this is implemented using IGOR framework and other features the built in software possesses.

  1. Feature 1: Define an output waveform in IGOR. To be used as excitation for impulse response.

Built into IGOR is the ability to define sine and cosine waves of various amplitude and wavelength. Using simple loop control flow available to the programming language, it is possible to create any wave desired. Another option for waveform definition is using the built in functions native to the language. There exists various noise signals. Furthermore, it is possible to import MATLAB files and use them directly in the program. Overall the challenges of waveform definition lie in how they will integrate with the low level Asylum framework, keeping in mind Nyquist theorem.

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