Update On Software Development: 6 Key Features

Through week 9 of Fall term, I had gained access to controlling the general functionality which this project aims to explore. This includes:

  1. Define an output waveform in IGOR. To be used as excitation for impulse response.
  2. Find a low level function within the Asylum framework which can output this waveform to the cantilever and tip.
  3. Recognize key parameters in the D/A conversion of this waveform.
  4. Identify parameters within Asylum framework to record the impulse response to this waveform.
  5. Recognize parameters in the A/D conversion of this response waveform.
  6. Find methods within IGOR for data analysis and export to other media.

In later posts, I will go into more detail about each of these six key aspects to the software module and how they are specifically addressed.


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