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Week 6: Dental Care during the Pandemic

Dentistry during COVID-19 As an aspiring dentist, I decided to take a look this week at how dental care has…

Week 5: COVID-19 Pandemic

Infection Statistics This spring, Massachusetts had one of the highest numbers of cases per capita in the United States (1)….

Week 4: Hospice Care

Decline in Local Hospice Homes In doing my research for this week’s topic on care for those who are terminally…

Week 3: Diverse Patients

Affording Healthcare I believe that my surrounding community has a lot to offer for a wide array of different patients….

Week 2: Access to Healthcare

Health Insurance I’m extremely fortunate to live in the Greater Boston-area, which happens to be a world-renowned healthcare hub. It…

Week 1: Socioeconomic Determinants of Health

To set the stage and speak about my community’s state public health, it is important to first discuss demographics. My…

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