The AFμS Project

As my senior capstone, I will be working on The AFμS Project, which stands for Autonomous Flocking micro Submersibles. The aim of this is to design and build affordable, small submersibles that have the capability to work in a swarm. Currently there are several companies making small submersibles with these capabilities, but most of them are too expensive for individual or undergraduate level research. The final product should present a platform on which researchers can mount their own sensors and easily utilize for whatever data collection they need.

Currently this project consists of a team of two computer engineering students, myself and Jacob Karaul, as well as two mechanical engineering students, Alex Pradhan and Sam Veith.

Along with the technological challenges that will accompany this project, which will be documented here as they unfold, there is the challenge of organizing development across a multidiscipline team. To confront this, I researched methodologies often used by startups within similar fields, several of which have been implemented into our planning and ideation sessions, photos of which are in the provided gallery.

Project posters are provided below.

Poster 1.0
Poster 2.0

An initial version and the most recent iteration of the design report are provided below.

AFuS Design Report 1.0

AFuS Design Report 2.0


A live updated gallery can be found at this link.