"The Our Shared Humanities Initiative at Union College"

Integrating the Arts & Humanities Across Disciplines

The History of the Our Shared Humanities Initiative

The Mellon Foundation grant assists the college in crossing disciplinary boundaries.

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Events supported by Our Shared Humanities initiative mini-grants will continue to be offered throughout the 2018 and 2019 academic years.


Upcoming events include the private performance of Dom Flemons at the Emerson Music Hall from 7:00 till 9:00 PM. The event is only open to Union College community members. All those who wish to attend must present a valid Union College ID.





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The Mini-Grant Program

The Our Shared Humanities Initiative has exciting smaller-scale grant opportunities for Union College tenure-track faculty. More than one-third of all faculty, and more than one-half of all tenure-track faculty have participated in mini-grant projects.

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