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3D Scanning and Rapid Prototyping of Sculpture (AVA 130)

Director: Professor Chris Duncan, Visual Arts

The Union College Maker Web assisted in the creation of a maker-related module for Professor Chris Duncan in the Visual Arts Department which focused on 3D scanning and creating 3D printed prototype facsimiles of sculptures from various materials. The purpose is twofold. The goal is to create a digital file that can be a) modified and
b) used to generate a permanent and reproducible versions of the fragile original from a variety of rigid materials.
In sculpture class students often build pieces in clay, foam core, wood, plaster, steel and stone. Students have also experimented with some aluminum casting. All of this work is done by hand, but a lot of contemporary sculpture is being prototyped or produced on a CNC machine. One of the goals of the module is to create a project in which students would build pieces in a traditional material, scan them, and reproduce that original in a permanent material using a 3D printer or the CNC machine.

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