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Archaeological Methods (CLS202) Maker Module

Director: Visiting Assistant Professor Angela Commito, Classics

The Union College Maker Web assisted in the creation of a maker-related module for Professor Angela Commito in the Classics Department for her courses on Archaeological Methods (CLS202) and Roman Archaeology (CLS138) in Spring 2019. Both courses incorporated the creation of 3D-printed facsimiles of pre-existing digital models of ancient Roman artifacts (coin, ceramic bowl, oil lamp, figurine, bone) all freely available on websites.
In Roman Archaeology Professor Commito used the facsimiles in the classroom for a hands-on project in which students determined the usefulness of this technology and how it contributes to our understanding of ancient material culture. For Archaeological Methods, students working in teams of 2-3 used the printed models to design an “ArchaeoEducation” project that uses its model to encourage public engagement with archaeological material. Teams must think creatively and critically about how 3D modeling and 3D printing can contribute meaningfully to archaeological research beyond the “wow” factor.

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