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Designing and Making a Poetry Anthology (EGL 100)

Director: Assistant Professor Jennifer Mitchell, English

The Union College Maker Web assisted in the creation of a maker-related module for Professor Jennifer Mitchell in the English Department for her Introduction to Poetry courses (EGLI 00). The course required students to work together (in pairs, small groups, or collectively as a class) to design, make, curate, and edit a poetry “anthology” for high school students.
Students were presented with various alternatives to a typical written anthology, including object-oriented design (laser-cutting and 3-D printing, primarily); audio and video recording options (movies, audio manipulation); and web-based technologies (website and blog design). After some discussions, students had to submit proposals for various possible collaborative final multimedia projects.
The projects will encourage students to think outside the box, to work collaboratively and to imagine the different forms that poetry—and its explications—can take. The work created a way of synthesizing the knowledge that students acquire in the course with their exposure to poetry as a living, evolving thing in the world.

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