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Making Dougong Brackets in Chinese Architecture (AAH 204)

Sheri Lullo

Sheri Lullo

Director: Assistant Professor Sheri Lullo, Visual Arts

The Union College Maker Web assisted in the creation of a maker-related module for Professor Sheri Lullo in the Visual Arts Department with her “Making, Constructing and Designing Dougong Brackets in Chinese Architecture” project which is focused on recreating, redesigning and 3D printing Chinese wood joinery systems for a hands on approach to her AAH 204 course.
Working with physical and digital models of dougong enhanced students’ understanding of this complex arrangement of blocks and brackets. Instead of accepting visual models in two dimensions, students actively engaged with the form. They worked as craftsmen, engineers, and architects in order to fit components together so that they serve their practical purpose.
Once they built this knowledge their own, they were encouraged to consider various ways to expand upon basic models and create their own design interpretations which became robust examples of architecture which could then be 3D printed or annotated digitally and viewed in virtual reality.

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