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Digital Media for Language Learning and Research (CHN302)

Director: Professor Megan Ferry, Chinese and Asian Studies

A Maker-related module was developed by Professor Megan Ferry in the Modern Languages and Literatures Department for her Advanced Chinese Ill course (CHN 302). The course focuses on self-reflection on engagement with native Chinese speakers and incorporation of Virtual Reality and 360 camera footage, especially, in project-based language learning modules in upper levels and for 3D presentations.
Students can tape themselves for self-review, tape interviews with native speakers so that they can transcribe dialogue and observe cultural behavioral cues to communication. Virtual Reality, 360 degree camera footage and mapping will be used to have students study and label key locations where conversations and actions take place: the cafeteria, street corner, dorm, shopping center, etc.
Students will create and present 3D presentations, and do situation role-playing through VR. Language students use Chinese while they learn how to use and explore the different communication strategies and opportunities these tools afford.

Union College OSH