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Beginning Weaving Workshop with Fiber Artist Gabrielle Mitchell

Director: Assistant Professor Jen Mitchell, English

Jen Mitchell

Jen Mitchell

On February 19, 2018, a collective of students, faculty, and staff met at Breazzano house to learn to weave. Fiber artist Gabrielle Mitchell provided students with individual introductory weaving kits, complete with looms, multiple needles, yarn combs, tote bags, an introduction to weaving guide, and multiple types of yarn. Gabrielle first asked attendees about their reason for signing up for the class; such reasons included an already existing interest in fiber artistry (knitting, crocheting, etc.), a desire to try new things, an interest in DIY projects, and a general curiosity about weaving.

Gabrielle then introduced students to all sorts of weaving terminology by way of working on their own. Participants then spent the next three hours designing and constructing their own individual weavings while Gabrielle explained various types of stitching and knotting.

Additionally, Dr. Panko was brought to campus for several events. The first was a campus-wide talk entitled “Radio Ghosts: Modernism, Spiritual, and Sound Media,” emphasizing the digital humanities/new media connection across audio technologies and literary texts. Dr. Panko’s talk  exposed the campus community to new debates in the Digital Humanities regarding the development and representation of early radio technologies. Her innovative and transmedia research catalyzed the already existing energy on campus regarding digital projects in the arts and humanities. Additionally, her expertise in modernism (she has published extensively on James Joyce, for instance) brought a depth of knowledge and a new perspective to our classrooms, enlivened debate, and contributed to course materials about which students can write.

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