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Maker Culture: Histories, Politics, Applications

Director: Andrew Burkett, Associate Professor of English

Andrew Burkett

Andrew Burkett

This Discovery grant supported a guest lecture and workshop by Dr. Roger Whitson, assistant professor of English at Washington State University. Drawing approximately 60 faculty and students, the lecture explored the history of the maker culture from the 19th century to today and addressed topics such as the Arts and Crafts movement, the Luddite revolution, the recent “critical making” practices and theories of Garnet Hertz and Matt Ratto, and new developments in 3D printing. The hands-on workshop engaged 15 faculty from multiple disciplines in a lab experience and group discussion of ways in which the Arduino (the open-source prototyping platform that allows users to build myriad interactive devices and objects) might be integrated in cross-disciplinary teaching and research at Union. The impact of this mini-grant project continued with the Small Moments, Big Ideas, Building Connections Faculty Lunch & Learn Technology Series program, sponsored by Union’s ITS Learning Technologies & Environments (LTE), which focused on “Storytelling with Interactive Electronics: Making and Building in the Humanities.”

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