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SXSW.Edu 2018


Professor Kristin Bidoshi, Modern Languages and Literatures Russian 

Diedre Hill Butler, Sociology

Erika Nelson Mukherjee, Modern Languages and Literatures Russian 

Lorraine Cox, Visual Arts

Megan Ferry, Modern Languages and Literatures Chinese

Nicole Theodosiou, Biology

Robyn Reed, Library

Christine Henseler, Modern Languages and Literatures Spanish

Five women faculty from different disciplines (including Spanish language, German language, biology, and sociology) traveled together to the 2018 SXSW conference. Attendees were able to explore what is  in the worlds of film, culture, music, and technology. The 2018 programming trends included: the VR market matures; hacking health and our bodies; empowerment, inclusion, and activism in business and the arts; the omnipresent AI, music review and the power of the playlist; and ethical design, to name a few. While traveling, the faculty created a blog through which they communicated during the concurrent sessions, sharing notes and reflections, and happily this connection has continued beyond their travel together. Today they continue to share ideas around new approaches to teaching and learning that they learned as part of this conference.

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