AJES Volume 23 Available for Order

AJES Volume 23 Cover
AJES Volume 23 Cover

The Kelly Adirondack Center at Union College and the Adirondack Research Consortium announce the publication of Volume 23 of the Adirondack Journal of Environmental Studies.


The Adirondack Journal of Environmental Studies (AJES) exists to foster a dialogue about the broad range of issues that concern the Adirondacks and Northern Forest. AJES serves to bridge the gaps among academic disciplines and among researchers and practitioners devoted to understanding and promoting the development of sustainable communities, both human and wild. The journal purposefully avoids serving as a vehicle for any single or special point of view. To the contrary, in searching for common ground AJES welcomes variety and a broad spectrum of perspectives from its contributors.


AJES Volume 23 Table of Contents
AJES Volume 23 Table of Contents


You can receive a copy of Volume 23 of AJES (2019) by becoming an “AJES Member” of the Kelly Adirondack Center and Adirondack Research Consortium by sending your complete mailing address information, email address, and a check payable to the Adirondack Research Consortium for $25.00 mailed to:

Adirondack Research Consortium
201 Paolozzi Center, Paul Smith’s College Campus
P.O. Box 96
Paul Smiths, NY 12970

You can also become an AJES Member with a credit card, here.

To get a copy of a back issue if available, please contact our office.
There is a $20.00 handling and postage fee for each request.

If you have any questions, please contact Dan Fitts at info@adkresearch.org.

Founded in 1795, Union College is an independent liberal arts college committed to integrating the humanities and social sciences with science and engineering in new and exciting ways. Union is publishing the journal through the Kelly Adirondack Center (www.union.edu/adirondack). The Adirondack Research Consortium is a not-for-profit research-based organization located on the campus of Paul Smith’s College (www.adkresearch.org).