The Academic Register contains all of the official academic policies of Union College as well as serving as a storehouse of information about every course we offer.  For the first time, the Academic Register will not be printed, but instead will exist solely as an electronic resource.  The website for the Academic Register is  A big thank you goes out to the Registrar’s Office, especially Penny Adey, Drew Lentz, and Don Tallman for all of the hard work that went into making this a reality.

Here’s some information about the Online Academic Register that you might find useful:

One of the big advantages of having the Academic Register online is the ability to search the catalog to quickly find the information you are looking for, instead of having to thumb through every page.  The search tool includes a pull down menu so you can target your search or search the entire catalog. Searching “Other Content” or using the Advanced Search can help give a more targeted search compared to searching the entire catalog.
























Finding information on specific courses is easier than ever, utilizing the Academic Course Listing feature which can be found on the left hand menu.



If you want, you can page through every course in the Academic Register in order by prefix, or, you can search the courses based on their prefixes (the department or program that offers the course) or by type, which includes subsets within departments and programs as well as other groups like terms abroad.


Clicking on an individual course brings up the information about that course that used to be found in the printed copy of the Academic Register including prerequisites and common curriculum tags:





Clicking the course title again closes the dialog box.  You can use the printer icon to print a copy of the course description.

Requirements for every major and minor can be found by clicking on the Academic Programs link from the menu on the left.


The first link gives information about the department or program like the faculty who are a part of the department or program, the types of programs offered (major, ID major, and/or minor) with links to the requirements for each. A listing of all of the courses offered by the department or program can also be found. Here is the example for Biology:


By following the link for an individual major, a listing of the courses required for the major can also be found:


Just like in the Academic Course Listing, each course is hyperlinked to the course description:




In addition, for every major and minor, you have the option to print a “Degree Planner” by clicking on the icon at the top:



The degree planner takes the information found on the page for the major or minor and turns it into a checklist that can be completed as progress is made through the program:


Future changes to the Academic Register will include hyperlinks to course websites and other information.