Before pre-registering for their first term, biochemistry majors MUST take the placement exams in Chemistry and Mathematics. Failure to do this will severely limit a student’s ability to go on terms abroad and to take electives in later years.

Biochemistry majors should complete three things during their first year:

1. The introductory chemistry courses CHM101* (FWS) / CHM102 (WS) OR CHM110 (F only). Students who place into CHM110* must take it in the fall.

(*Completion of chemistry placement exam required for enrollment in either course.)

2. The introductory Biology courses, BIO110 (FW) / BIO112 (WS).

3. The introductory calculus courses, MTH110** (FWS)/ MTH 112 (FWS) OR MTH 113**. (**Completion of math placement exam required for enrollment in math courses.)

This leaves the students with one slot for FP and two slots for free electives. As students are fulfilling all of the math and science components of the Common Curriculum, these electives can truly be free electives.

A typical first-year schedule is:

Fall Winter Spring

CHM101 (or 110)

CHM102 elective


BIO110 BIO112


MTH112 elective

Students with significant AP credit can take MTH 115.

Students must take two sciences during one term during their first year. They will also need to do this many other times during their four years at Union, and ability to do this is a requirement for success in this interdisciplinary science major.

Sophomore year typically looks like this:


Winter Spring


CHM232 CHM240
BIO225 (or spring) MTH115 elective


elective elective

Students who want to take the MCAT during their junior year should consider also starting the physics sequence.

The focus this year is on finishing the courses which are prerequisites for the upper level courses in the biochemistry major. Students shouldn’t plan to take other Biology courses this year in lieu of Math and Chemistry. They will have better opportunities to take Biology courses during junior and senior years**. (**We highly recommend that biochemistry majors planning graduate work include BIO378 and BIO384 among their upper level electives.)

Biochemistry majors should have a Biochemistry advisor by the fall of Sophomore year.

Direct any questions to Prof. Kristin Fox at or 518-388-6250.