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Our program prepares students for a range of future opportunities. Here you can choose to major in CS or pursue an interdepartmental major that combines CS with another field. You can also minor in CS, computational methods or digital media.

Take an introductory course (CSC-103 – CSC-107) as soon as possible.

The intros are:

  • CSC-103 Introduction to Computational Science
  • CSC-104 Robots Rule!
  • CSC-105 Game Development
  • CSC-106 Can Computers Think?
  • CSC-107 Creative Computing


2. Take MTH-197 Discrete Math as soon as possible. This course can be taken before Calculus. It must be taken as a pre- or co-requisite for the second CS course, CSC-150, and is only offered in the winter term. It may be taken concurrently with an introductory CS course.  MTH-197 is the only math requirement for the CS part of a CS ID (inter-departmental) major.

3. CS majors must fulfill the Gen Ed natural science with lab requirement by taking a course for science majors (in Physics, Geology, Chemistry, Biology, or Environmental Science).