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Grad School Planning: Business

Advising Tips for Students Considering an MBA

There are several helpful websites that provide information to assist students who are considering pursuing an MBA. The most common questions include:

  • Will an MBA help me meet my career goals?
  • Should I get work experience before beginning graduate study?
  • Should I take specific courses as an undergraduate to prepare for MBA study?
  • What should I expect in terms of return on my investment?
  • Should I study on a part-time of full-time basis?
  • How do I determine if a particular school is a good fit for me?

The link at the top of this page addresses these questions and more.

Many MBA programs have minimum undergraduate GPA and Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) requirements.

Clarkson University offers accelerated MBA programs for Union College students at their capital region campus as well as graduate programs in Business, Business Administration, and Business of Energy.

Grad School Planning: Education

Students who would like to pursue a career in the classroom, particularly at the secondary school level, typically major in their area of interest, whether in the humanities, social sciences or sciences.

Clarkson University offers a Master of Arts in Teaching degree at their capital region campus.

Grad School Planning: Engineering

Clarkson University offers a combined degree program with the Masters in Electrical Engineering, Masters in Mechanical Engineering. and Master of Science in Energy Systems for Union College undergraduate students with a strong academic record, as well as graduate programs in engineering.

Grad School Planning: Health Professions

The Health Professions Program is available to all students interested in pursuing a health profession after graduation. All students considering a career in a health profession must establish a credential file in the Health Professions Office (Olin 110) as soon as possible. In addition, students should review the material on the website, especially Where do I Begin. For more information, call 518.388.6300 and see the FAQ’s.

Grad School Planning: Law

Students interested in learning about law school should contact Bradley Hays ( Political Science Department, Social Sciences 105C, ext. 6227

Clarkson University

The Capital Region Campus of Clarkson University offers graduate programs in Bioethics, Business, Business Administration, Business of Energy, Clinical Leadership in Healthcare Management, Electrical Engineering, Energy Systems, Engineering and Management Systems, Healthcare Data Analytics, Healthcare Management, Teaching, and Mechanical Engineering.