Grad School Planning

Grad School Planning: Business

Advising Tips for Students Considering an MBA

There are several helpful websites that provide information to assist students who are considering pursuing an MBA. The most common questions include:

  • Will an MBA help me meet my career goals?
  • Should I get work experience before beginning graduate study?
  • Should I take specific courses as an undergraduate to prepare for MBA study?
  • What should I expect in terms of return on my investment?
  • Should I study on a part-time of full-time basis?
  • How do I determine if a particular school is a good fit for me?

The links below address these questions and more:

Union Graduate College provides two AASCB accredited MBA options; 1) The MBA with optional areas of focus including Finance, Marketing and Operations, and Management; and 2) The MBA in Healthcare Management. Like most high quality, AACSB accredited MBA degree programs; this program is designed for students with no undergraduate business courses. Like many MBA degree programs, students who have completed courses in core content areas may waive up to eight MBA core courses. This is often the basis for what is referred to as an “Accelerated MBA”. Waiving courses reduces the total time needed to complete the degree.

Union College and Union Graduate College (UGC) offer a joint program option for students wishing to pursue an MBA degree at UGC directly from undergraduate. Union College students may begin taking graduate courses in their junior year. Joint program students can take up to three MBA courses and have them apply as electives at Union College and toward the MBA degree at UGC. UGC recommends that Union students take calculus and statistics at the undergraduate level to waive these MBA core requirements. Union College students may also consider taking two Economics courses at the undergraduate level that can be used to waive the core Economics requirement in the MBA program.

Many MBA programs have minimum undergraduate GPA and Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) requirements. Union Graduate College requires a minimum of 3.0 GPA and 500 GMAT score.

Grad School Planning: Health Professions

All students considering a career in medicine must establish a credential file in the Health Professions Office (Bailey Hall 101) as soon as possible. In addition, students should review the material on the website, especially Building a Portfolio for Success. For more information, call 518.388.6300 and see the FAQ’s


Grad School Planning: Law

Students interested in learning about law school should contact Bradley Hays ( Political Science Department, Social Sciences 105C, ext. 6227


Grad School Planning: Education

Union Graduate College
School of Education

Advice for Union College undergraduates pursuing a Master of Arts in Teaching degree to teach in a secondary school,, grades 7-12, in the year following graduation from Union College

Prerequisites for the Program:

  • One year of a college-level foreign language, or its equivalent (3 years of high school foreign language with a B or above and a Regents exam grade of 85 or more if the student attended a New York State high school)
  • A course in Educational Psychology or its equivalent
  • Two week-long field experiences, one in a middle school or junior high school and one in a high school (contact the School of Education Office at angleyc@uniongraduatecollege. edu to learn the requirements for the visits and to establish these visits)
  • Generally a 3.0 GPA in the major and overall is expected
  • An interview with a School of Education faculty member
  • Applications are due no later than April 1 of the senior year; students may apply as early as the spring of their junior year


Other Expectations:

A student must major in one of the following disciplines to be eligible, or have a minimum of 8 courses in one of the subjects listed below as a minor:

Biology, Chemistry, French, Geology, German, Greek or Latin (Classics), History, Mathematics, Spanish, Physics.

Economics, Political Science, and Sociology majors must complete a minimum of five undergraduate courses in History to be eligible for certification

Three letters of recommendation (at least 2 academic)

Two essays (see application or contact School of Education Office for topics)

Special Considerations for Union College Undergraduates:

Those Union College students with an overall GPA of 3.3 or above will have two of their

upper division undergraduate courses count as graduate courses as well as undergraduate courses. This is the equivalent of receiving a two-course scholarship.


Tuition is affordable.


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