Take an introductory course (CSC-103 – CSC-107) as soon as possible.

The intros are:

  • CSC-103 Introduction to Computational Science
  • CSC-104 Robots Rule!
  • CSC-105 Game Development
  • CSC-106 Can Computers Think?
  • CSC-107 Creative Computing


2. Take MTH-197 Discrete Math as soon as possible. This course can be taken before Calculus. It must be taken as a pre- or co-requisite for the second CS course, CSC-150, and is only offered in the winter term. It may be taken concurrently with an introductory CS course.  MTH-197 is the only math requirement for the CS part of a CS ID (inter-departmental) major.

3. CS majors must fulfill the Gen Ed natural science with lab requirement by taking a course for science majors (in Physics, Geology, Chemistry, Biology, or Environmental Science).