Transfer Credit Procedure

Key Contact:
Gail Sack, Assistant Registrar
Office of the Registrar
Silliman Hall
Schenectady, NY 12308


(Please also refer to the Transfer Credit Policy)

Union College students who wish to receive credit for academic work taken at other regionally accredited colleges or universities must take the following steps:

1.       Obtain a copy of the course description and provide it to the chairperson of  the appropriate Union College academic department. Some departments may require additional documentation, in which case you may need to provide a copy of the syllabus or a statement from the instructor or department chair of the host institution describing the course content and requirements.  Obtain the chairperson’s signature on the appropriate form.  Attach a copy of the course description, number and type of credit hours.

2.       Obtain the approval and signature of the Dean of Studies.

3.       Return the signed form to the Office of the Registrar in Silliman Hall. Be sure to keep a copy of this page for any future reference.

4.       Have an official transcript mailed directly to the Office of the Registrar at the above address upon completion of the course work. A grade slip is unacceptable proof of course completion.

5.       Repetition of course work for which credit has already been granted will not be permitted.  Check with your advisor if there are any questions regarding your program requirements.

6.       Students with 18 course credits towards graduation may not receive credit for courses taken at a two-year college unless specifically approved by the Dean of Studies.


Union College course units are valued at 3.33 semester hours or 5.0 quarter hours.  Union awards transfer credit according to the conversion chart.  (NO EXCEPTIONS)  Upon receipt of an official transcript, the Registrar will determine the total amount of credit awarded.  A minimum grade of “C” is required in order to obtain academic credit.

Grades received for academic course work taken at other institutions do not appear on your Union transcript.  Furthermore, they are not calculated into a student’s overall cumulative index, nor in the index for courses taken in fulfillment of the requirements for a major.

Since the availability of summer school courses often depends on the number of students registering, a course may be canceled at the last minute for lack of sufficient registration.  It would be wise, therefore, to have approval for an additional course in case your first choice is not offered.

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