Courses and Requirements

Mini-Term Abroad Program in Anthropology

AMU-354T. Balinese Performing Arts. This mini-term focuses on the study of the performing arts of Bali. Students will have daily group instruction with master performers of both gamelan (the Balinese orchestra of gongs and xylophones) and dance, as well as additional lessons in an art form of one’s choosing (e.g. painting, puppetry, etc.). This instruction will culminate in final presentations and performances. Students will also visit many important artistic and ritual locations, attend professional performances, and meet with local Balinese peoples in a variety of contexts. No previous...

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(only one cross-listed course can count for the major or minor) ANT-111. Cultures Through Film. (Not offered 2014-15.). This course explores non-Western cultures as they are portrayed in ethnographic and documentary film. The course introduces students to ethnographic film and to the broad range of cultures and issues that are the subjects of these films. CC: LCC ANT-130. Food and the Self. (Not offered 2014-15). What is the relationship between food and the body? What are the boundaries of food and the body? Are you what you eat or how you eat? This course looks at anthropological...

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Foundation Courses

ANT-110. Introduction to Cultural Anthropology. (Fall, Winter, Spring; Staff). The basic concepts, methodology, and findings of cultural anthropology. Examines the similarities and diversity of human societies through in-depth case studies and cross-cultural comparisons. Emphasis on  non-Western cultures. CC: LCC, SOCS   ANT-214. Language and Culture. (Spring; Cool). This course examines the complex relationship between culture and language. Lectures and readings will use case materials drawn from North America, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, Oceania, and Europe to explore theories...

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