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AIS-490-492. Independent Study (Fall, Winter, Spring)

AIS-498-499. Senior Project (Fall, Winter). Interdisciplinary investigation of a topic in Asian Studies.



Humanities Courses in Asian Studies

Art History
AAH-104 Arts of China
AAH-105 Arts of Japan
AAH-280 Buddhist Art
AAH-287 Tibetan Art
AAH-294 Visual Culture in Communist China

CHN 100 Basic Chinese I
CHN 101 Basic Chinese II
CHN 102 Basic Chinese III
CHN 200 Intermediate Chinese I
CHN 201 Intermediate Chinese II
CHN 202 Intermediate Chinese III
CHN 300 Advanced Chinese I
CHN 301 Advanced Chinese II
CHN 302 Advanced Chinese III

EGL-244 Asian American Literature
EGL-255 Discourses on the Viet Nam War

JPN 100 Basic Japanese I
JPN 101 Basic Japanese II
JPN 102 Basic Japanese III
JPN 200 Intermediate Japanese 1
JPN 201 Intermediate Japanese II
JPN 202 Intermediate Japanese III
JPN 300 Advanced Intermediate Japanese I
JPN 301 Advanced Intermediate Japanese II
JPN 302 Advanced Intermediate Japanese III

Modern Languages and Literatures
MLT-200 Modern Chinese Literature
MLT-201 Chinese Cinemas
MLT-202 Gender and Sexuality in Modern China
MLT-203 Asian American Film and Performance
*MLT-204 Literary Traditions in East Asia
*MLT-205 Perspectives in Modern East Asian Literature
MLT-207 China’s Cultural Revolution
MLT-209 The New Wall of China
MLT-250 Japanese Sociolinguistics

AMU-012 The Union College Taiko Ensemble Practicum (3 terms required to earn 1 credit)
AMU-013 The Union College and Community Gamelan Ensemble (3 terms required to earn 1 credit)
AMU-136 Popular Music in Modern Japan
AMU-233 Japanese Wadaiko Workshop
AMU-234 Balinese Gamelan Workshop
*AMU-320 Encounters with East Asian Music Cultures

PHL-166 Indian Philosophy
PHL-167 Chinese Philosophy
PHL-180 Theories of the Good Life
PHL-245 Buddhist Ethics
PHL-338 Zen and Tibetan Buddhism

Social Sciences Courses in Asian Studies

ANT-184 Contemporary Japanese Society
ANT-232 Bombs to Buddhism: Fatalism, Technology, and Modern Japanese Culture

ECO-234 Japanese-American Finance and Trade Relations
ECO-354 International Economics
ECO-376 Seminar in Global Economic Issues

*HST-181 East Asian Traditions
*HST-182 Modern East Asia
HST-281 Modern Japan
HST-283 The Mao Years
HST-284 Women in China and Japan: Power and Limitations
HST-285 The Samurai: Lives, Loves, and Legacies
HST-380 Special Topics in East Asian History
HST-382 World War II in Asia
HST-383 The Last Dynasty: The Glory and Fall of the Qing Empire, 1644-1911
HST-481 Seminar in East Asian History

Political Science
PSC-213 Contemporary Chinese Politics
PSC-244 Japan: Conflict and Consensus
*PSC-253 International Politics in East Asia
PSC-258 Chinese Foreign Policy

Term Abroad Programs in Asian Studies

CHN-204T 205T Chinese Language and Culture Studies Abroad
(See International Programs–China Term Abroad)
JPN 252T 253T Japanese Language and Culture Studies Abroad
(See International Programs–Japanese Term Abroad)

Note:  These courses have been taught in the recent past. New courses are in development and some older courses are being discontinued.  Please check the Union course catalog and consult individual department listings to stay current.

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