Week 2 Post

  1. My favorite athletic accomplishment is when I was ranked as #1 across the country for d3 shots blocked per game. Playing basketball in college was always a goal I had growing up. Not only getting to be on a collegiate team, but actually being a contributor on the team was really exciting. I’ve always been one of the taller kids on the court. That in combinations with my long arms help me be good at blocking shots. It was never a goal to be really good at blocking shots, it was always kind of an added bonus when you did.I honestly didn’t even know that shots blocked per game was a stat tracked that prominently. Making it to the top of the NCAA rankings was pretty cool and something I never thought would happen. .
  2. Exercise physiology can serve as a paradigm for understanding biology in many ways. Learning about exercise physiology and different biological systems of the body gives you a broader understanding of biology. Learning about how energy is produced or how different muscles work/are used or how breathing plays works all boils down to biological concepts. Understanding the make up of a muscle with the different tissues and fibers is a small scale picture for learning biology. When you put all the muscle cells together it can create a muscle fiber and as you add more information together it leads to learning about how muscles contract or fatigue and ultimately, you can relate that to exercise. Relating it to exercise can be linking the muscle movements to how different muscles are activated for different exercises.
  3. Some previous upper level courses I’ve had that can contribute to exercise physiology are Topics in Physiology and Orthopedic Biomechanics. Topics in Physiology is kind of self explanatory as to how it relates. It was the foundation and introduction to physiology learning about how some of the biological body systems work. Learning about the make up of muscles and how they work can be applied to exercise physiology when we learn about skeletal muscles. In Orthopedic Biomechanics we learned all about the different muscles in the body. We talked about different joints in the body and the muscles, tendons and ligaments that are in that area. We also talked about different injuries that can occur to those areas. This information can help contribute to exercise physiology discussions when learning again about muscles, but also when talking about exercise as a whole since you can do different exercises to activate different muscles. I also think it helped with the first weeks lab when we were in Alumni trying to figure out what muscles we had to location our machines on the scavenger hunt.

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  1. 1. It was so fun cheering you and soph-dawg and the team on this year. You are a true all-star, my friend!!!
    2. I am excited to learn about the different muscle activations during exercise and how all of these systems lead to broader biological concepts. It is more engaging when you are learning about concepts that actually relate to what you have seen in other courses.
    3. Orthopedic Biomechanics will definitely come in handy this term! That was a super fun course learning about all of those wacky diseases and injuries.

  2. 1. Your accomplishment is very cool! It must have been very exciting to make it to the top of the NCAA rankings. Such an accomplishment means you were very dedicated to succeeding.
    2. I agree that learning about how energy is produced and more all boils down to biological concepts. With biology being the study of living organisms and the processes that help them function, exercise physiology helps to create a clearer idea of how these processes work.
    3. Both classes sound interesting. It seems like you have a good amount of existing knowledge on physiology that can help you to understand the concepts in this class.

  3. That’s amazing that you were nationally ranked! I know how to feel, because getting to play for a college was my dream as well. It’s just such an amazing thing to be apart of and an unforgettable experience in your college experience. I also didn’t know that was a stat during games, I just thought it would be shots made and taken. I also agree with you, that when you boil down how the body breathes and moves it’s all biological concepts. By learning the smallest piece and then adding to it, can help you piece together all different parts of biology. This class will help us be able to connect the body all together and make sense of it. Both of those classes sound so interesting, I wish I could take orthopedic biomechanics. I want to be a physical therapist and so I feel like that class would be extremely interesting and useful!

  4. Wow! I knew you were good at bball but I guess I didn’t fully understand just how good you were. Congratulations on such a great bball career. I look forward to your opinions during the term.

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