Favorite Part of Class

My favorite part of class this term was reading Endure. It was awesome to read a book that was not a typical subject textbook. Learning about all the different obscure sports per chapters along with the most grueling stories of different endurance feats kept the book very interesting and I always wanted to keep reading. I also think it really helped us understand how the things we were learning in class connected to real life. Discussing what makes a sub-2 marathon performer I was like oh, that’s why VO2 and lactate threshold are so important! I honestly may start going to 7-11 before my runs this summer and fuel up on some slushies to see how that effects my work outs.

One thought on “Favorite Part of Class

  1. I almost put this as my favorite part of class but wasn’t sure if we were allowed to! For me, i am generally not a huge fan of supplemental readings on top of the lecture notes and textbook information. Endure shed a new light on this as it always keep the reader engaged with many different stories from a variety of sports. I agree that it capitalized on what we learned in class and allowed us to make a connection to real life situations. I will still never get over the story of the man who saved the guy from being crushed under the car as I am sure that life-or-death instances such as that can allow us to temporarily push our limits. I’m not a big fan of slushies but I will be sure to try to splash cold water on my face prior to a workout on a hot summer day and maybe I’ll be able to get some betters PR’s!

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