About Us

BNGPosterBioengineering is an interdisciplinary engineering major designed for students interested in exploring the interface between engineering and the life sciences. In bioengineering, students learn to apply engineering principles and analytical approaches to the study of biological systems and seek to understand the benefits and constraints of engineered materials, devices and control systems in life science and biomedical applications.

Students in the bioengineering major share common foundation and core courses in biology, biomechanics, bioengineering and electrical engineering, and choose among upper level electives in biomechanical and bioelectrical engineering. Courses in biomechanics focus on approaches to understanding the structural properties and dynamics of biological cells, tissues and systems, and of engineered devices with biological and biomedical applications. The bioelectrical engineering courses explore the interfaces among sensory physiology, neuroscience and electrical engineering and students focus on techniques to acquire, analyze and interpret neurological, biomedical and other biological signals and images. During senior year, students engage in a bioengineering capstone design and may elect to conduct research under the guidance of a faculty member.

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