Degree Requirements

The Bioengineering Program degree requirements and courses offered are listed under the link Courses and Requirements on the navigation bar on the left. Full descriptions of all the courses offered are given on this page.

Bioengineering Curriculum Worksheet

This worksheet provides a means for students in tandem with their advisor to keep track of their progress towards the bioengineering degree. The documents are available as PDF or Excel which can be filled and maintained electronically:

BNG Major Requirements – Class of 2018 (PDF)
BNG Major Requirements – Class of 2019 (PDF)
BNG Major Requirements – Class of 2020 (PDF)
BNG Common Curriculum Worksheet (PDF)

General Education Worksheet

An important aspect of the curriculum is the fulfillment of the General Education requirements: The worksheet provided by the office of General Education will guide you towards completing these requirements.

Schedule Planner

There are many different paths through the curriculum and you should work closely with your advisor in determining the courses to take each term. We provide the following as a sample schedule of classes over the 4 years of study:

Sample Schedule (PDF)

The Sophomore Year is particularly packed and most students either due to prerequisites or course size limitations will need to take a modified sequence of classes in the sophomore year. There is plenty of flexibility in the Junior and Senior years to allow for this and each student should work with their advisor in determining their courses each term. In general, we recommend that students aim to complete at least the following by the end of the Sophomore Year: BNG101, BIO112/101, BNG201 and BNG202, ECE225 and ECE240 (note that MTH130 is a corequisite or prerequisite for ECE240).

The Junior and Senior years provide for the selection of a large number of electives to satisfy the BNG and General Education requirements for graduation.

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