Course Selection Guidelines

Placement. Students will receive credit for AP or IB courses following the guidelines of the appropriate supporting department.

Course Sequence. Students should consult with their academic advisor and the following yearly requirements when scheduling courses. Some 300 level courses are not offered every year, and some of these courses will be taken outside of the year indicated.

Senior Projects. Students interested in working with a faculty member on a two-term Senior Project should meet with potential faculty advisors during their junior year to identify a project; students should notify a Program Director when this process is complete. The first course (BNG-497) will count as a Free Elective and BNG-498 will count as a BNG Elective.

First Year
BIO-112, CHM-101, CSC-10X, ESC-100, FPR-100, MTH-113(i), MTH-115(i), PHY-120(i), PHY-121(i), Elective(ii)

Second Year
BIO-225, BNG-101, BNG-201, BNG-202, ECE-225, ECE-240, MTH-130, SRS-200, Elective(ii), Elective(ii)

Third Year(iii)
BIO-3XX(iv), BNG-386, BNG-331, ECE-241, MTH-117, BNG-Elective(vi), BNG-Elective(vi), Elective(ii), Elective(ii), Elective(ii)

Fourth Year
BIO-3XX(iv), BNG-311 or BNG-33X or BNG-34X(v), BNG-495, BNG-Elective(vi), BNG-Elective(vi), BNG-Elective(vi), Elective(ii), Elective(ii), Elective(ii), Elective(ii)

(i)Alternative mathematics and physics sequences are possible depending on the preparation of the student.

(ii)The Elective courses must be satisfied as follows: five Common Curriculum courses and five Free Electives. Students planning to attend medical school should take CHM-231/232 (organic chemistry) as electives and BIO-110 as a >300 level Biology course (see note iv below).

(iii)The Linguistic and Cultural Competency component of the Common Curriculum is recommended to be satisfied in the third year through a Term Abroad during Fall Term.

(iv)Biological Science courses must be >300 level and one requires lab. Pre-med students may use BIO-110 to satisfy the non-lab course requirement.

(v)Bioengineering courses BNG 330-349 represent courses in the Biomechanics area.

(vi)The BNG Elective courses include any five courses from BNG, ECE, CSC-243 or other engineering courses subject to approval; one must have a lab and at least three must be >300 level.

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