Students in the Biomedical Engineering (formerly Bioengineering) Program at Union College are drawn to a high quality, ABET accredited, engineering experience in a liberal arts college. It is one of very few biomedical engineering programs nationwide offered in a liberal arts setting Most students in the program have a range of interests outside engineering and they have the opportunity at Union College to explore these interests with a high percentage of the Biomedical Engineering students pursuing a minor in a different discipline that can range from Theater to Economics to Mathematics. Class sizes are small (< 25 students) and many classes have associated lab sections (<16 students) which allows students to gain hands-on experience. Many students do research projects with faculty during the school year or over the summer break. Students in the program recently formed a chapter of the Biomedical Engineering Society <link> at Union College. Students are also very active in a wide variety of engineering clubs, intermural and intramural athletics.

BNGGraduates2011In 2009-10, Union launched a new Bioengineering Major for undergraduates and graduated its first class in Spring 2011. The major name was changed to Biomedical Engineering in the fall of 2017. The major leverages Union’s traditional strengths in Engineering and Biology to prepare students for careers emerging at the interface of these disciplines.

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