Mark Rosenthal Memorial Annual Senior Prize

An annual fund created in memory of Mark Rosenthal, Class of 1976.  Following graduation from Union, with a degree in Biology, Mark attended the University of Pennsylvania Medical School and later became a renown cardiologist practicing in Dresher, Pennsylvania, outside of Philadelphia.  As a student, Mark was well known for his sense of humor, keen mind, and commitment to Union.  He continued this dedication and commitment throughout his life as a community activist, husband and father and it is in recognition of these qualities this prize is established.

The Mark Rosenthal ’76 Memorial Annual Prize will be awarded to a senior at Union College who best mirrors the attributes of Mark Rosenthal by being involved in Union College community activities, a student in good academic standing, and planning to attend medical school after graduation.  The recipient will be chosen by the Chair of the Biology Department.

2017 – Sharmeen Azher

2016 – Kathryn Kurchena

2015 – Eva Zimmerman

2014 – Sarah Rand

2013 – Ayon Ibrahim

2012 – Kenia Valdez

Goodnow Neuroscience Endowed Prize – Awarded annually to the graduating neuroscience student who shows the most promise for success in graduate school and beyond.

2017 – Bailey Balouch and Katherine Maximov

2016 – Jakub Kaczmarzyk

2015 – Yilun Zhang

2014 – Alana Curran

Stephen F. Leo (19884) M.D. Prize – To the student on scholarship who attains the highest grades in the graduating class and who has been accepted in medical school.

2017 – Emily Su

2016 – Stanley Soroka

2015 – Meaghan Jain

2014 – Elliot Feld

Edith Emilee MacCoy Prize – To the student who excels in botany.

2017 – Anna Doran and Ashley Rosa

2016 – Olivia Williamson

2015 – Brina Dillon

2014 – Kyle Pilkington

Dr. Reuben Sorkin (1933) Award for Proficiency in Premedical Studies – To a senior demonstrating proficiency in undergraduate studies with an outstanding aptitude for continuing work leading to a degree in medicine.

2017 – Jack Bragg

2016 – Theodor DiPauli von Treuheim

2015 – Philip Kretschmer

2014 – Samantha Tyler

Lee and William Wrubel Memorial Prize – To the senior preparing for dentistry or medicine, based on academic achievement and character.

2017 – Rachel Fried

2016 – Jakub Kaczmarzuk

2015 – Chetna Prasad

2014 – Ankur Shah





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