Scott Kirkton

Scott_Kirkton_2Scott Kirkton

Associate Professor, Ph.D. Arizona State University 2004
Postdoctoral Researcher at University of California, San Diego (2004 – 2006)

Research Interests:  Body size influences virtually all aspects of an organism’s biology. My research program at Union College asks fundamental questions about body size using insects, the most diverse and evolutionarily successful animals on the planet. Specifically, I study how an insect’s body size alters the biochemistry, morphology, physiology and biomechanics of oxygen delivery, muscle performance and locomotion.

Representative Publications:

  • Kirkton, S. D., L. E. Hennessey*, B. Duffy*, M. M. Bennett, W-K. Lee, and K. J. Greenlee.  (2012).  Intermolt development reduces oxygen delivery capacity and jumping performance in the American locust (Schistocerca americana).  Journal of Comparative Physiology-B182(2):217-30.
  • Kirkton, S. D., E. T. Nyberg*, and K. M. Fox.  (2011).  Ontogenetic changes in citrate synthase and lactate dehydrogenase activity in the jumping muscle of the American locust (Schistocerca americana). Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology – Part B: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology.  160: 110-116.
  • Greenlee, K. J., J. R. Henry, S. D. Kirkton, M. W. Westneat, K. Fezzaa, W-K. Lee, and J. F. Harrison.  (2009).  Synchrotron imaging of the grasshopper tracheal system: morphological components of tracheal hypermetry and the effect of age and stage on abdominal air sac volumes and convection.  American Journal of Physiology. Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology.  297(5): R1343-R1350.* Union College Undergraduate Researcher

Courses: Cellular Foundations of Life (BIO 104), Topics in Physiology (BIO 206)Entomology (BIO 317), Comparative Animal Physiology (BIO 330) and Exercise Physiology (BIO 375)


Phone: (518) 388-6480

Office:  Butterfield 318

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