The Divide Between the People and the Government

The Pew Research Center report confirmed the growing divide between the two major parties. It also explained why this divide was occurring. The report cited the increase in Republicans who consider themselves conservative and Democrats that identify as…

Changing Political Boundaries

Woodard’s final statement concerns the possible development of changing state and country political borders. The author’s bold claim is based entirely on his own perspective that he has developed throughout the book and has several flaws and ignores several important points. Also, political borders have been set for quite a while. The last state admitted […]

The Real Revolution

The common idea about the Revolutionary war is that it was one war fought by a unified nation, but American Nations depicts it as six different wars of liberation. The American nations were very divided even when fighting against a common enemy, the Br…

Modern Bias

The author goes into more detail about the history and founding of parts of America than what is traditionally taught in history classes. He focuses on the various revolts and fighting because he is showing how these nations, while divided, equally resisted European rule. The revolts all serve Woodward’s purpose to show how the divided […]

Roosevelt’s Contradictions

Roosevelt took the concept of Americanism and created a definition for it that served his own purposes. His definition of Americanism became the middle ground for the complex social issues of the time. He developed his version of Americanism to further…