Blogging Fiction

Claire Bracken English (EGL) Project Description  Blogging Fiction is an online weekend journal for my Introduction to Fiction 101 class. Students leave weekly blog posts in repsonse to close reading exercises, in addition to posting comments on each …

Cybercultures Blog

Claire Bracken English (EGL) Project Description  First Year Preceptorial course entitled “Cybercultures”. Students post weekly blog entries on course material and questions, and also comment on each others postings. Instructional Goals  …

Cyberfeminist Short Stories

Pick one of the stories “Trouble and her Friends”, “Entrada”, “A Real Girl”. Write a short piece on the way in which issues relating to gender and technology are intersecting, using direct quotation and analysis.

Weekend Work: Essay Writing

1. Identify the essay prompt that interests you most in your blog. Give reasons for your interest, explaining why you would like to write an essay on this topic. 2. Write out a draft thesis statement, which states the argument you will make with respec…

Snow Crash

Identify and analyze one of the dominant themes in the novel Snow Crash that you see developing as you read. In your answer, choose at least one moment in the novel that supports your answer (example should be located somewhere between pages 111 and 227)